Russia has summoned the US ambassador

Moscow has accused the US of madding in Russia’s internal affairs. In protest, the US ambassador to Russia was summoned on Thursday. At the same time, a warning has been given to expel US diplomats from Russia. 


Presidential elections are going to be held in Russia this month. Moscow claims that disinformation is being spread around this election and the Russian operation organizations to do this.


In a statement, the Russian foreign ministry said, there are attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the Russian federation in various ways, including sabotage activities and spreading false information around elections and special military operations (in Ukraine). These attempts will be strictly suppressed. The Ministry also said, we will respond in various ways, including the expulsion of US Embassy officials involved in such activities. The Russian Foreign Ministry Sain that Washington has summoned US ambassador Lynn Tracy to stop funding three non- profit organizations related to education. It has been informed. Those three institutions are American councils for international education, Cultural Vistas and institute on international Education.



Moscow considers US-backed non-profit organization civil society organizations to be anti-Kremlin. Russian authorities have often accused them of working to foment rebellion in Russia. However, these organizations have denied these allegations. This allegation has been rejected by the West.



Russian president Vladimir Putin has also complained several times that the United States in trying to interfere in Russia’s internal affairs. All in all, relations between Moscow and Washington are currently at their lowest point in decades. In this context, both the countries have expelled several diplomats of each other in recent years. 

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