Russia- Ukreine warRussia- Ukreine war

Russia- Ukreine war We know what’s coming, Maria told a television station as she packed her flat in kostiantynivks. He will send them before leaving for his son in Kyiv. (Russia- Ukraine war)


We are tired and suffer from mood swings and panic attacks. Continuous depression and we are scared. Russia has been advancing further west since capturing the strategically important town of Avdivka last February and capturing several other villages. Russia- Ukreine war

Russia- Ukreine war information’s

Ukraine says its troops are holding their ground, But Russian troops are now attacking five areas across nearly eleven hundred kilometres of the battlefield. Now they are in the eastern part of the Donetsk region, where Ukrainian fighters are facing severe tests. Russia- Ukreine war


The people of the cities of Pokrovsk, Kostiantynivka and Kramatersk now face occupation, in the face of the rapidly advancing Russian frontline. Maril and her mother Tetiana realize that as the Russians advance, life becomes more difficult. Fearing an attack from their city. Only thirty kilometres away is the front line of the Russian forces. Damaged buildings can be seen on almost all the reads. There workers Russia- Ukreine war

were adding gold panels to a church near a train station destroyed in a missile attack. The cold air of this city is new full of anxiety. The city is an industrial area dating back to the former soviet Union. Russia is slowly destroying one city after another in Ukraine to capture them. That is why fear has spread here. Maria was telling me that her mother would be here. However, he is confident that his mother will follow suit. Everywhere here is scary news. The whole country is on fire. Russia- Ukreine war

Russia- Ukreine war

His eyes were watering. One thing is to stay at home as much as possible. But another factor is the risk of death or Russian aggression. All of Ukraine is now a war zone: Four other areas, including the Donetks region, are battlefields. As you pass through the dense and sprawling forest areas here, you will feel like you are heading towards a conflict. You will hear heavy gunfire from forty kilometres away. From one area you can see the landscape of Ukraine breaking up. A trail of smoke can be seen coming from the


direction of advice. The city was recently captured by Russia. And from 2014 to control Horlivks. Russia is using its own size, air superiority and ammunition. A beautiful valley is nearby. The Ukrainian soldiers have made a front line in the natural landscape here. Ukrainian generals know that even if they lose some areas temporarily, they will be able to liberate these areas in the long run. Russia- Ukreine war


Some small ethnic groups inhabit the whole front-line area. The people of Ukraine consider them to be pro-Russian. However, it does not apply to everyone. Some people just don’t want to leave their homes and are getting used to the daily dangers. But Valerie is not like that. After two rounds of shelling at his house, he took the belongings and took his grandson’s hand to the pickup point. But even when the Russians were five kilometres away, his neighbours refused to leave the house. Later he got into an armoured police vehicle with his grandson. I have lived my life. But I have to protect this kid. I have worked in the mines for twenty years so I amn’t afraid of anything. But I am worried about him ( Grandson) Denny 14 said his last friend left three weeks ago. It is essential to evacuate families with children from the front lines of the battlefield. Although at least fifteen children are now in the town of Toretsk.


Anton Pron, a member of the police rescue team, was helping people evacuate from the front line area. He said that the situation is getting worse day by day. They are constantly shelling. The Russians are even bombing houses in residential areas. Now the rain station in the nearby town of Kramatorsk is the last station for soldiers to arrive and civilians to leave in anticipation It is basically the sound of ammunition that welcomes someone here or causes someone to leave.


The scene of them hugging each other and leaving on the train platform is seen. Trains are being given special protection to at least protect them from missiles. At least 61 people were killed here in 2022. Here Alla was waiting for the train to kiev. A year ago I thought the West would help us but now I don’t expect it anymore. People used to believe but not anymore. Ukraine believes its eastern lands will be safe to live in again. But now it is not clear where those who are leaving will return. It is difficult to answer whether the Russians will go





Russia- Ukreine war: We know what’s coming । Top News

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